Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Future of(is) Android

Hi All,
  I have some thoughts about a new trend in the technology. I though it it is worth sharing it here and probably it may help some people in the industry similar to mine.
  I am always facinated with developing application that is a mix of software and hardware.On one hand it gives me great amount of satisfaction and on the other hand it is little difficult to pirate as you need skill in both area.But as a small scale device manufacturer we always faced a big issue that we dont have enough finance backup to create beautiful looking moulds for our products.We are actually struggling with this issue and looking for funding to go ahead with our product development dreams.
There comes the revolution of tablets. Thanks to steve jobs!!!!. When I saw it in the market for the first time, I was excited. Not for the purpose they are introduced for , but in future they are going to solve my issue. iPad and Apple definitely not a choice for me , with their pricing strategy they are meant for rich men and only useful as a mobile device. But I was sure that clones will soon come. And that happened with Android.Android tablets starts emerging in the market. Still I have to wait as the first ones are too expensive. Finally the time came , I have noticed an advertisement in some site that a company named Wespro is offering tablets in indian market just for 5999/- . I realised that it is time or me to jump in.
Here is the solution for my problem....!!!!!!
All these years I faced problem for investing big amounts in molds. Now these cheap android tablets can solve my issue. How ??
Yes they can act as the pretty face of my product. I can now happily keep my product packed in an average box and use android tablet as the user interface device. We have soon ported all our applications in to android quickly with the rich API provided.

      With our resources and fanacial capability we coudnt think of customizing android tablet hardware itself. But I assume big players will defintely do that and android tablet hardware can definitely replace the custom touch screen products available in the market. Who could resist the rich hardware and a powerful API for developing emebeded solutions.

      I assume that we will soon see the emebeded landscape moving in to android platform. If that happens the coming decade we will see all android powered equipments.
      Imagin that your washing machine , oven, fridge, AC, HVAC etc programed from your wall mounted android tablets. I would suggest that it is high time for industry to consider equiping all device with a wifi module and common plug and play protocol. Such a protocol will allow a wall mount android to discover all your home equipments and render UI for controlling all those equipment with a common UI.
        It is my perception that our switch boards and electrical pannel will eventually replaced with android tablets.
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