Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates

Actually I don't agree that Steve jobs made all these wonders for "third world" countries.

How many of us have this wonderful iPhone in our pocket!!!. It is those Chinese made mobiles affordable for all "cattle class" and their iPhone 5 will fit our pocket.

It is Bill gates and his liberal attitude towards piration made it possible to all middle class have a computer at their home with pirated windows running on it:):). Microsoft liberal piracy attitude made it possible for all those little training schools to run and teach all indians with basic ,c and ready for the IT jobs. Most of all those jobs on microsoft platform and created new creamy middle class in India. As I am on the receiving end and enjoying it I am more thankful to Bill Gates rather than Steve Jobs. If there is only Steve Jobs and no Bill gates all this will not happen. Even now if I need to start working on iPhone programing I need to pay an upfront 100$. How many indian /chinease hobbiest can spend that sum. I think he is missing a Vision here.

Dont think that I hate Steve Jobs:):). I know it is his vision about tablet made all these revolutionary change in computing Industry. (Remember Bill gates try to do that 10 years ago .Bad timing!!!) What made me happy about all these things is the Android +Tablet combination. We have a cheap programmable mobile platform out there which can make automation revolution.

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