Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Recession Oppertunity

I have years of experience in IT industry especially in programming field. I never find that students coming out from educational institutes are industry ready and directly placed in projects. I am here presenting an idea which is beneficial to students and as well as good business opportunity. I would like to know your comments.

If it happens as I am expecting it can bring out candidates industry ready. I feel that recession gives a good opportunity to start such a thing now. The students passing out this year is not having much opportunity for a placement. This will give them an opportunity to become experienced by the time industry is ready.

Here what we are trying to do is a giving them a chance to keep on learning but in a way how companies handle their projects. With strict software process, documentation and testing.

Title for our training is "We dont have instructors, We only have project managers"

• We will give them class room training for 1-2 months.
• There after they have to do a series of well defined experiments (Actually small projects) which will make them experts in the domain selected.
•These projects will be covering nuke and corner of the domain. For example in a C# course they have to develop web applications, windows applications, Database applications, applications with threads, application with events, application concentrating on object oriented design etc . To do each of these projects they have to learn certain technologies.
• The core of the program is that the students are working under PM/PL with real industry experience and working in software industry. These project managers will handle a bunch of students.(Through this we are bringing the industry exposure directly to the students)
• Students will be assigned under a project manager(mentor) who will explain them the project sometimes with a high level design. Just in the same way it happens in a software company.
• Project manger then assign them tasks as usual in a software project. (The only change here is that all students will be assigned with same tasks/module.)
• Then as in a software company, they have to prepare design documents, SRS, unit test cases etc and then they have to finish it in the given time.
• They have to follow coding standards, GUI standards and other quality measures.
• After that PM/PL will do the code review and allocate points and some time reassign the task.
• All these things will be managed using project management software.
• In some projects they have to do system analysis, requirements collection, scheduling ,testing and even packaging the software in a setup program
• In order to make sure they have attained enough knowledge to work on some modules/projects they have to undergo online objective type exams before they start doing that module/project.

• After completing the course they will be industry ready with one year worth of software experience.

Success depends on how well we defined our experiments and how well it forces them to use the technologies we intended.


• This same program can be run in-house as well as online, which will have a wide reach.
• For internet based training they have to undergo a short tem course in the domain selected. (c#,java whatever it is) This can be handled through franchisees
• Project managers will be allocated in the same locality of the students so that they can interact with him easily.
• Students will have all their works published in the online project management software which they can use as a resume to submit to the job offers.
• We will allow project managers to interview the candidates before he accept them under his wings.(Brings in an opportunity for students to be placed in that organization)
• Students can enroll to this course while they are in their last semester itself and gain experience in state of the art technologies.
• We allow companies to open their on stream to train candidates for their purpose.
• Companies looking for candidates can login to the site and assess students work.