Sunday, November 16, 2008

SMS Classified Advertisements

SMS Classified Advertisements

It is a well known truth that mobile phones are the device which everybody keeps with them always. Mobile phones can be a strong media for advertisement. Here I am sharing idea where it can be used a demand based advertisement distribution media for classified advertisements. Advertisers can also give an option to pay for the hits only.
Manorama(A Malayalam daily) is currently publishing a classified which allows home users to sell their used goods. Such things can be further expanded using this technology. In addition to that it can be applied to other classifieds like real estate , Automobiles, Rentals, Jobs, matrimony etc.

How it works:
It allows users to register by sending a simple SMS with their needs. System then registers the mobile number with the requirements in its database. When there is a new advertisement comes that meats the requirement of the customer, system immediately sends the details to the user.
For example if one wants a used Maruti Omni. He just sends an SMS like this
“Maruti Omni Price 60,000/- with gas”. The intelligence embedded in the system recognizes the need by analyzing the text and register it in the system. When ever there is an advertisement comes that matches these criteria’s will send it to subscriber.
In addition to this users can also register their requirements online through the web site. All these registered needs can be viewed online with out contact information. This will encourage users to post their advertisements.

Land near pangappara 1 lakh per cent
Bride Nurse US
House for rent lessthan 4000 near bustand trivandrum
Used computer 7000

Revenue Model:
In addition to the normal classified advertisement revenue, subscribers can be charged for sending advertisements to their mobiles.

System must be intelligent enough to parse the text send by the users and categorize it to send them correct advertisements.

Value added services:
In addition to the above service it can also used for local SMS search. Mobile is a handy device which is always with you. If you need some information while you are on move it can be SMS to local search engine which will give you that information immediately. For example if you want to locate an ATM, Hotel, room availability, etc can be collected conveniently with this service. Telephone based directory enquiry services force you to remember the information, while here you will get an SMS with the details.

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